(A suspicious call about your “Refund”)

Do not let someone remote control your computer or give any of your sensitive information if someone called you saying that you will get your “REFUND” for a previous purchased you did. Check it directly with your vendor if possible. They should have your record already for them to send your refund to if its legit.  “Think before you Click”



Together with all those people offering their services, help and kindness to stop this virus, wherever you are around the globe…


WizFix Computers will be opened by appointment only.  We can also provide a remote access repair service if necessary. Our toll free number will be the same 1-888-697-6031 (WizFix Computers, 750-G N. Nogales, Walnut, CA 91789). Thank you for your understanding.

The above RemotePC link will take you to download link page of RemotePC.com. Don’t let anyone remote control your computer or give any of your important personal information unless if you are 100% SURE YOU’RE TRUSTING THEM. Try to avoid clicking any unfamiliar pop ups & never open attachments in your spam emails. If you have anything  that you are not too sure what’s happening with your computer, you can call us anytime for a free consultation. Thank you.
 Think before you Click.

Hope everything with your computer is working properly.

If someone you don’t know offers you (e.g. popup on your screen or called you) to fix your computer even though your computer is perfectly working fine, they could be a tech support scammers. Think before you CLICK!!

We all are trying to avoid crowds and not leave our house as much as possible because of  this pandemic.  We offer remote control service in case your having computer problems. You can try us. To know us better, you can check us on Yelp. In case we are unable to answer your call when you call us please leave a message  about your contact info and a short description of your computer problems.  Thank you. Stay Safe.

WIZFIX COMPUTERS, 1-888-697-6031, 750 N. Nogales St, Unit G, Walnut,CA 91788

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are temporarily not able to distribute our monthly flyers to help stop the spread of covid-19. We wish that everybody is safe in our journey fighting covid-19. Stay Safe. Let’s help together.

Wear masks for COVID-19

Our mission is to give you a quick access to your trusted websites.
Always be careful with pop-ups and make sure to use a well known and trusted antivirus program.

To our NETIZENS & ADVERTISERS, thank you for your continued support.

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