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The  RemotePC link will take you to download link page of RemotePC.com.

By downloading and installing this program RemotePC in your computer, you authorize WizFix Computers to have an access to your computer and provide all necessary repairs you needed in your computer.



While in the process, you can disconnect the RemotePC  access anytime you wish. Just close or click “x” at the top right corner of remote control software, click “End Session”  or just simply logout from it.

Don’t let anyone remote control your computer or give any of your important personal information unless if you are 100% SURE YOU’RE TRUSTING THEM.


If you agree and allow WizFix Computers to remote control your computers, you can click icon to download RemotePC program

then click “Windows” for Windows
or “Mac” if you are using Mac Computer

Always be Cautious

A Client Story

They end up on getting their computer not just not working properly, but losing more money.

think before you click.

WizFix Computers


Computer Tip:

* Always backup all of your important files or data and save those to your external hard drive for safe keeping. It's always better to have two copies or more in case of any problem happened in your computer(s).

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we will assist you in any issue and conflict with your computer

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